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A look into mirror
Was given to me
To see what I could not see
Maharishi to Maharishi
Wisdom in the heart of war
The battle of love
That was waged inside of me
I sought myself
He showed me, me
No justification could prevail
In the face of one who had no beginning
These words held me to reality.

Roll it over
The war in your mind
You must make a decision
It is over

The war is alive
If you go back
If you are still living
In the thoughts
Going over them
Living them in your mind
This war is in your mind
The war of love

You have to rebuild yourself
From the bottom up
What you want
What is important to you
Turn it around
The things that have you a prisoner
Inside of your mind
For this war only exists
Inside of your head
What appears to be immense
Is actually small
But you are stuck on yourself
Your selfish wants and needs

You have to decide that
It is over in your mind
It must go, they must go
Those whose sickness you share
Stop thinking of only yourself
Stop thinking that your problems
Will never end
For your problems begin
And your problems end
Inside of your mind

What is important to you
Is not the things at war
For love inside of you
The things that attack your hope and dreams
What is important is that you understand
That the answers to what you need
Are not as important
As the freedom to be
Who you are

Who you are
Determines what you will be
You need to be free
To live
To hope
To love

Free of the war
Inside your mind
That is holding your life
From turning your thoughts around
Back into the good
That makes you, you
Back to the peace
Back to the joy
Back to the life
That you long to live
You are as free
As you can conceive
To be

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